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2010-05-06 23:34:03 by justace-is-a-myth

i just asked Tom Fulp who made the original Pico and he told me (he did) i fell kind of embarrassed but i think pretty funny at the same time, manly cause he seemed angry
in his reply and i dint blame him

I wonder

2010-01-09 15:47:29 by justace-is-a-myth

!.has anyone ever dissed Tom Fulp to see what would happen
2. if your adopted is it ok to date your cousin
3. would society frown upon tripping a convicted criminal on crutches
4.can Ash really become a Pokemon master
5. can you become your pets bitch
6. would you die if you tried to defeat the entire fan base of final fantasy and halo combined
7. would a 2.0 version of legend of Zelda be praised or rejected

its been a long time

2010-01-08 07:32:46 by justace-is-a-myth

my last post was in august. and nothing has happened !, i drew some pictures though here is one of them

its been a long time

once more

2009-08-27 13:09:58 by justace-is-a-myth

to tired tio writh

SUCCESS !!!!!!!

2009-08-26 02:41:45 by justace-is-a-myth

I stayed up the whole time and now i shall sleep

I shall try once more

2009-08-25 08:06:09 by justace-is-a-myth

This time I shall not fail !

Oh well

2009-08-24 03:27:42 by justace-is-a-myth

I only managed 20 hours


2009-08-19 10:19:53 by justace-is-a-myth

Im not sad about my user name but any more.So im going to say somthing about my self Ilike to draw play games cook and sleep

anyway I came here to say I am planing to stay up 36 hours i started at 3P.M. yesterday and plan to sleep at 11P.M. today wish me luck

despite what the icon says i am not asleep just tired



2009-08-17 04:02:53 by justace-is-a-myth

holy shit i finally have a new grounds account and i spelled my fucking name wrong. I am so angry and disgusted with myself I could slice my fucking wrist until i pass out from loss of blood...

just kidding im not a queer emo.

but i am disappointed in myself.

I suppose i should take this time to say something about myself. But Im too sad
so goodbye